Kathryn UhrichThe focus in my laboratory is on the synthesis and characterization of biocompatible polymers for medical and dental applications such as drug delivery and tissue engineering. Our polymers are designed to be degradable as well as biocompatible.The Uhrich Group in 2008






Here's a photo taken of my group in May, 2010.  From left: (front row) Michelle Ouimet, Sarah Hehir, Renata Fogaça, Sarah Sparks, Sabrina Snyder, Kristina Wetter, Tori McIntosh, Melissa Lash, Roselin Rosario, Kathryn Uhrich (back row), Bryan Langowski, David Orban, Alex Harmon, Andrew Greenwald, Roberto Delgado, Devin Clark, John Vaughn, Li Gu, Leo Garber.